Yogas Citta Vrtti Nirodhah

- Yoga is letting go of the movements arising within consciousness -

Patanjali I.2

Regular Silent Yoga Retreats are being held regularly in Lower Austria
both for beginners and experienced meditators.

Participation is based on DANA.
More information below.

If any non-German speaking person participates in a retreat,
the retreat will be in held in both languages, English and German.
Thank you for your early booking!

Silent Meditation Retreats in Austria 2024

April 25 - 28th 2024
in Wieselburg, Lower Austria

@ KriyaMandiram


August 29th - September 1st 2024

in Wieselburg, Lower Austria

@ KriyaMandiram


October 24th  - 27th 2024

in Wieselburg, Lower Austria

@ KriyaMandiram


December 28th - January 2nd 2025

in Wieselburg, Lower Austria

@ KriyaMandiram




Retreat Description

You are kindly invited to take part in this weekend of self-awareness and purification. During which we practice intensified Yoga Sadhana (spiritual practice) with its classical means of Posture, Breath Control as well as Concentration and Meditation techniques.

The works of posture make our body and mind firm, stable, energetic but calm, open, relaxed, less dense, balanced and pure.
Learning how to direct and to master the breath harmonizes our energy (ethereal) body, opens blocked passages, increases our vibration, therefore calms and purifies the mind and makes us resistant to negativity and dis-ease.
Concentration is bringing the mind to a one-pointed state, freeing it from the habit of restlessness and wandering. A concentrated mind inclines towards balance, equilibrium and stillness. Most of our life's problems are due to a lack of mastery of mind.

Learning to maintain the mind in perfect equilibrium and directing it inwards away from the sense perception is the art of mental mastery.

Meditation is the result of this process of mastery, and the doorway to freedom.

During the retreat we keep “Noble Silence” which means no talking at all, as well as to keep contact with others to a minimum (like touches, looks and gestures).
In this manner one's mind is bound to become more silent and receptive and therefore one's practice more continuous and less interrupted throughout the retreat.

With practice, is meant: the continuous observation of the phenomenon we usually call I or myself:

thought patterns, memories, future projections, imaginations, the inner dialogue, desires, likes, dislikes, body feelings, emotions and breath and the constant changes of these manifestations.

These are all part of the “false identity” or EGO that is covering our real “Self”.

Through continuous observation of those, the veil of ignorance is pierced and we stand again as the observer or witness which is unchanged and untouched, independent, eternal and deathless.

This is main objective of Yoga practice:

To destroy ignorance,
to discern the “real” from the “unreal”
or the “permanent” from the “impermanent”.
(Patanjali II. 5)

The course curriculum includes:

18 Asanas of Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga
Pranayama (Matreika, Nadi Shodhana)
Ham Sa Dhyana (Meditation: Breath awareness)

Requirements for Participation:

Sincere Interest and Openness to what is Taught
Determination of Completing the Seminar
Determination of Maintaining complete Silence for a certain period
Good Physical and Mental Condition
Determination to let go of old Views, Patterns and Attachments



DANA: donation from the heart

anonymously and after closing the retreat.

Food: about € 35,- per day


Booking is done by email or phone.

Retreat Guide

The retreat is guided by Christian Ebner.